Youth Ministry

We invite all parish youth to be actively involved in our community!

Junior Choir

Come and share your talent in the Holy Trinity Junior Choir! All students in grades 3-12 are invited to help lead the music for our weekend liturgies.  Praising God through music and song is truly an honor!We practice every other Wednesday from 5:15pm-6:00pm in the church choir loft at Holy Trinity. We sing for Mass once a month.

Questions or want to join? Contact Bobbi Ludewig at

Together Encountering Christ (TEC) Retreat

Teens! Are you longing to belong? Are you in need of wanting time away from the world? Join other teens 16 years and older on this 3 day catholic retreat that is open to all faiths.

The weekend is a collection of speakers, activities and time to meditate upon the life of Jesus and encounter Him in a special way. TEC retreats focus on the life, passion and resurrection of Jesus Christ and how this impacts our lives as Christians.

Why should you attend a TEC weekend?  The reasons are numerous and deeply personal for each person. TEC provides time away from busy schedules to have time for ourselves.  TEC is a great way to prepare your heart for confirmation, grow in faith and find a place to belong with other teens and new friends. The reasons are endless. Join Us! Invite a friend!    

Questions? Visit our website for more information or contact Elaine Kahle at

Youth Group

Parish Youth 7-12th grades!  Come join us for fun, faith and friendship! Youth group meets on various Saturday afternoons or evenings throughout the school yearMost gatherings include mass, faith enrichment opportunities and activities!  Some past activities have included: kickball, movies, pizza parties, bowling, Twins’ game for faith night, Valley Fair, Christmas Caroling, Net Ministries Life Line Mass and so much more! All are welcome and invite a friend to tag along! Meeting times and dates vary.

Questions? Contact Peggy Lenz: 320-485-5653 or Rose Heimerl: 320-224-8599

Youth Ministry Opportunities in the New Ulm Diocese

Hey Holy Trinity parish youth! Check out the variety of events hosted by the Diocese of New Ulm to help you grow in your faith at! Boys’ and girls’ camps, the Rome pilgrimage, high school retreats (TEC and Broom Tree), Rallies and Diocesan Youth Council are just some of the many excellent opportunities for you to tap into.

Questions? Contact Kevin Losleben, Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry for Diocese of New Ulm at

Youth Mission Trip

Holy Trinity Mission Trip

Since the summer of 2000, Holy Trinity has offered a high school youth mission trip each summer for students in grades 9-12. Youth from Holy Trinity Parish and School are welcome and encouraged to join in this wonderful opportunity!

HT partners with Youthworks, Inc. to provide a Christ centered mission trip for our teenage youth. We want teenagers to understand who God is, how God sees them, and how God may use them to impact our world. We know mission trip experiences can be a powerful discipleship tool for our youth ministry. We believe that God is at work in the life of every teenager, even in ways that we can’t see, and our responsibility is to help create an environment where the Holy Spirit can continue that work!

The trips take place in a variety of places across the US. During the weeklong trip the teens have a chance to work with other church/youth groups and provide a variety of service projects to the communities we serve in-like running a day camp for kids, painting homes, doing yard work and small improvement projects, visiting elderly, working at soup kitchens, and much more.  Not only is the mission trip about our service to others but also incorporates individual faith growth. Every morning the youth have a devotional time for self-prayer. Each evening after our work is done there is an activity in the community and/or cultural learning opportunities. Every night there is club time which is a time for prayer, scripture, and music, which is followed by time spent with just our group from HT. So you can see it is more than just work~it is a retreat too!  You can also find more information on the Youthworks website ( These trips have changed the lives of many people over the past 20+ years!

Questions? Contact Katie Kielkucki @ 651-468-8109 or

Totus Tuus Summer Youth Program (Grades 1-12)

What is Totus Tuus?

Totus Tuus is a week-long fun, faith filled summer catechetical program dedicated to the youth with the mission to evangelize and teach the faith of the Church.

Totus Tuus is Latin for “Totally Yours” and is the motto for Pope St. John Paul II. The phrase is taken from St. Louis de Montfort’s great work, True Devotion to Mary, and it represents our desire to give ourselves entirely to Jesus Christ through the hands of his Immaculate Mother.

Who will be teaching our youth?

Totus Tuus gathers together missionaries (college students and seminarians from our very own diocese) onto “teams” of four. These teams tour the Diocese throughout the summer, evangelizing and INSPIRING all those they encounter.

General Program Info:

The programs are divided into morning sessions for grades 1-6 and evening sessions are for grades 7-12.

Grades 1-6: The daytime program is for those going into grades 1-6 and consists of games, catechesis, songs, Holy Mass, and an exciting end-of-the-week water fight! The daytime program runs from 9:00am to 2:30pm. Plan to bring a sack lunch Monday-Thursday, snacks and beverages are provided.

Friday we will have a cookout or pizza party followed by a giant water fight and popsicles/ice cream!!

Grades 7-12: The evening program is for those going into grades 7-12 and consists of social time, small group discussion, games, Eucharistic adoration, Confession, and great talks by the Totus Tuus team members. This evening program runs from 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM. Snacks and Beverages provided!!!!

Parish: The whole parish, however, is blessed by the missionary efforts of the Totus Tuus team! There are opportunities for our entire parish to be part of this week-long program in different ways (see registration form for volunteer opportunities). The teams stay with parish host families for the week and share their mission with everyone they meet. There will also be a Parish Potluck on Wednesday evening of each week starting at 6:00 PM. What a great opportunity to bless our parish by bringing our entire parish family together!

Benefits and Blessings:

  • Parents see their children grow in love for Jesus and his Church
  • Host families witness true models of the Faith
  • Priests are assisted in their ministry & are able to offer Sacraments to the youngest of their flock
  • Youth are given the opportunity to participate in a fun, informative, and inspiring summer program at their own parish!

2021 When and Where: June 20-26: Holy Trinity (Winsted)

Grades 1-6:    June 21-25 from 9:00am – 2:30pm

Grades 7-12:  June 20-24 from 7:30pm – 9:30pm

Registration, Parish volunteer opportunities

  • See registration form for registration details and volunteer opportunities
  • Cost is 10.00 per child or 30.00 cap-per family- Scholarships ARE available!

Questions? Contact:  Leah Cathey 320-300-8662

        Leslie Littfin 952-215-4954

Click to Download Registration form

Purified- Coming in 2021!

 Holy Trinity is excited to announce an incredible event for families, ages 13 and up. Purified will take place ​in 2021 (date yet to be determined) and will feature international speaker and author Jason Evert, who has spoken to more than one million teens on the topic of chastity. Purified brings parents and teens together to discover God’s plan for love and opens up an opportunity to continue the discussion about this important topic at home with resources that work. The event includes a talk from Jason where he mixes humor with down-to-earth practicality, making the difficult conversations about love much easier, and ends with Adoration, praise and worship, and an opportunity for the Sacrament of Reconciliation, transforming the night into a mini-retreat for the whole family.

Get answers to life’s tough questions about love, dating, and relationships from internationally acclaimed speaker Jason Evert and leave with a healthy sense of self-worth and the ability, if needed, to start again.

Questions? Contact Kristen Soley at 763-218-3851.

Teen Talk

Teen Talk Attention ALL teens 8th -12th grade

Lead by Fr John Hayes

The next meeting is THIS Sunday, September 19th,

6:30pm-8:30pm at Holy Trinity Parish Social Hall

Each night is a stand-alone night- Teens may attend any or all of the nights! 

Fr John leads teens on a night of fun, faith, scripture (bring your bible), time for Q & A with the priest and treats! Permission slips are required- available at church AND to print off website:

RSVPs are no longer required! 

Stay tuned for changes to location and upcoming fall dates for Teen Talk! 

Questions? Contact Michaela Otto @ 320-290-7428

Permission slips available to print off here

RSVP:  wither via email or online at

Questions? Contact Michaela Otto @ 320-290-7428

Attention Teen Talk parents:

Join other parents and parish members (each Teen Talk night) in praying the rosary in church at 7:00pm, followed by fellowship in the gathering space. 

Schoenstatt Girls’ Group

Schoenstatt Girls’ Groups coming to Holy Trinity October 2021!

At Holy Trinity, we believe that our students deserve every opportunity to explore and deepen their faith life.  Through the most generous gift of their time and efforts, the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary are able to provide an opportunity to participate in Schoenstatt Girls’ Youth Groups right here at Holy Trinity.

Schoenstatt is an apostolic movement within the Catholic Church, which fosters spiritual renewal, with our Blessed Mother as a very special guide and role model.  Who better to emulate as a Christian than the woman that our Lord chose to be His mother?  Just as Mary brought Christ to the world, we as Christians want to bring Christ to others!

Schoenstatt was founded on October 18, 1914, by Father Josef Kentenich in a small shrine in Schoenstatt, Germany.  The movement became international during World War II and since then has spread to more than 40 countries.  In many of these countries, the members of Schoenstatt have also built replicas of the original shrine.  In the United States, we have Schoenstatt Shrines and centers in Wisconsin, Minnesota, New York, Nebraska, Florida, and Texas.

Schoenstatt: A Lay Movement

Schoenstatt is one of a number of Catholic lay movements that were founded in the 20th century, perhaps as a supernatural response to a world that was becoming increasingly secular and devoid of spirituality.  Schoenstatt collaborates with other lay movements in evangelizing the world of today through the renewal of our faith commitment in daily life.

Schoenstatt’s spirituality centers around the Schoenstatt Shrine and our covenant of love with the Mother Thrice Admirable (MTA).  Through an active belief in God’s daily guidance and by giving ourselves as instruments to the Mother Thrice Admirable, we want to renew the world in Christ for the glory of God.

Schoenstatt’s spirituality answers the desire to renew the human heart and the desire to teach others how to reanimate their hearts with the love and joy of Christ.  Most importantly, Schoenstatt provides laity with the means to maintain this burning love and our Christian identity at work, at home, and in our day-to-day lives.  This spirituality invites us to be aware of the opportunity we have to change the world around us by bringing God’s love into the small, everyday actions of our daily lives.


Monthly, on the First Thursday of each month, from 3:00 – 4:30 PM

  • October 7th
  • November 4th   
  • December 2nd   
  • January 6th    
  • February 3rd   
  • March 3rd
  • April 7th
  • May 5th

What and Who:

The current plan is two age groups:

  • You do not need to be enrolled at Holy Trinity to participate in these groups
  • From 6 – 8 years (Mary’s Little Crowns)  
  • Between 9- 13 years (Marian Apostles)

Mary’s Little Crowns Girls from 6-8 years old belong to Mary’s Little Crowns.

They strive to resemble Mary with the joy and dignity of a child worthy of a crown. This in turn gives Mary joy. In Sacred Scripture St. Paul tells his listeners, “You are my joy and crown.” (Phil. 4:1) This basic biblical message is reflected in Mary who loves and cherishes us as her joy and her little crowns. The program material leads the girls to grow in love for Mary and the Church. It teaches basic knowledge of Catholic Marian devotion (for example: feast days, the holy rosary, names of Mary, pilgrimage places, Mary’s virtues, etc.) and how Schoenstatt honors our Lady.

Marian Apostles Girls between 9-13 years old belong to Schoenstatt as Marian Apostles.

To be an apostle means to be a person who is given and sent on a mission. The girls strive to become apostles of Mary through their thoughts, words, and actions. The program material introduces the girls to the history of Schoenstatt, and the stories of young people who loved Mary and their faith. The girls take upon themselves basic commitments to the faith and strive to form their consciences in the choices they make.

If there is enough interest for an older group, we could add the following (this would modify the composition of the Marian Apostles as well):

Living RTA’s Girls ages 12-14 belong to Living RTA’s.

They are introduced more deeply into our Schoenstatt spirituality and into the history of the Schoenstatt Girls’ and Young Women which gave rise to the international ideal. They discuss in particular how to live in their everyday lives (with the challenges that adolescence brings) the three virtues that are connected with the RTA crown: purity, faithfulness, and nobility; especially through forming healthy attachments.


Holy Trinity School, Winsted – School cafeteria


Suggested $15.76 donation per girl or $30.00 per family – paid online

Registration Information:

Click HERE to register.

Please register on or before 10/29 to allow sufficient time for planning and materials

Let us know if you can volunteer to help with one of these groups.  The leaders always love extra support, and you receive FAR more than you give with the gift of your time!  If you are interested in serving as an adult leader / parent, you must be VIRTUS trained / certified.  Call Allison at (503)-702-3123 or email or Kristen at to volunteer.

High School young women are able to volunteer their time with these groups for service hours as well.  In year’s past, we have had LOVELY support from our high school helpers!!  Thank you!!

In the peace of Christ & His Blessed Mother, 

Allison Moudry & Kristen M. Soley

Holy Trinity School

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